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WaterstofNet realises regional hydrogen projects


The region of Flanders - Southern Netherlands has the potential to grow into a trend-setting hydrogen region within Europe, because it is home to a number of important and promising players and end-users (markets) for hydrogen.

The project Hydrogen region Flanders- South-Netherlands has been set up is to develop the region of Flanders-Southern Netherlands as a knowledge intensive region in the field of hydrogen applications, making use of sustainably produced hydrogen. It was approved within the European Interreg Program for a period of 4 years and was financed by Europe, the Flemish and the Dutch government and the industry, with a total budget of 14.1 million Euro.

WaterstofNet co-ordinated the project with following results:

1. The development of hydrogen infrastructure - two relocatable hydrogen fuel stations.

  • One fuelling station in Halle (Brussels area) at the logistic centre of a big Belgian retailer Colruyt, operational since February 2012.


  • One fuelling station at the Automotive Campus Helmond (region Eindhoven, Southern part of the Netherlands), operational since November 2013.

Refuelling station

2. The building of a 1 megawatt fuel cell plant on by product hydrogen at Solvay (Antwerp Harbour), operational since February 2012.

Refuelling station and canopy

3. The demonstration of early-market applications relevant for the region (logistics, maritime, public transport).

  • The conversion of a motorized fork lift  to hydrogen.

Forklift truck

  • The conversion of an electric refuse truck to hydrogen (fuel cell). 

Rubbish truck


  • The conversion of two vessels to hydrogen (both fuel cell).

Hydrogen boat


4. An interactive educational program:

  • the creation of an interactive education package on hydrogen (by 8 universities);
  • the acquisition of H2 demonstration set-ups.


5. Research on the production of hydrogen through photovoltaic cells (by IMEC, Leuven).



Other European projects where WaterstofNet is engaged in are:




HighVLOCity and Don Quichote

HighVLOCity is a European project with the objective to accelerate the integration of hydrogen buses in public fleets, from North to Southern Europe. Public transport operators from San Remo (5 buses), Antwerp (5 buses) and Aberdeen (4 buses) have committed themselves and will demonstrate the economic and technical viability of these buses.

The Don Quichote project will demonstrate the technical and economical viability of an integrated hydrogen storage system for renewable electricity linked to a hydrogen facility as an interesting commercial opportunity intermittent renewable electricity to transport applications. The project is based on the existing hydrogen fuelling station of WaterstofNet at the location at a logistic centre of Colruyt in Halle (near Brussels). The existing hydrogen fuelling station consists of an alkaline electrolyser and a membrame-compressor; it will be extended with a PEM-electrolyser, an electrochemical compressor and a fuel cell system, demonstrating hydrogen as key in a smart grid application. 


WaterstofNet poster - HyTrEc



Stefan Neis
Project Manager


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