Narvik University College, Norway

Høgskolen i Narvik (HiN) is located in Narvik which is 220 kilometres (140 mi) inside the arctic circle and is one of the most northerly towns in the world. The institute offers higher education in technology and health sciences. HiN has close collaborative ties with the business and research communities both in Norway and abroad, students have the opportunity of participating in research and development projects which have a significant bearing upon their education. The College considers this so important that it cannot envisage higher education without this.

Recently, the High North became the Norway’s most important strategic priority areas and an overall objective of the Norwegian Government is to create sustainable growth in this rapidly changing region. HiN plays a significant role in addressing and resolving the technical issues relevant to the high north environment by delivering education, training and research. HiN has high quality facilities and works in close collaboration with both national and international industry and research institutions. The efforts in research and development within the technological fields have contributed a great deal to the technological development we see both in Narvik and in the region. Companies like Nordkraft, Heatwork, Natech, Funn IT and REC Scancell have close collaboration with the college. HiN has participated in several collaborated projects with Russia, China and EU including Interreg and Kolarctic programs.

HiN has particular interest in HyTrEc to follow the outcome of the project. The Northern region is developing very rapidly due to increased oil and gas exploration activities. The objectives of the project are to promote hydrogen technologies within transport and associated energy sectors in the North sea region. The methodologies and experiences gained within this project will also be relevant to the High North region. We hope a follow-on project for this region can be established.

Narvik University College


Rajnish Kaur Calay
Professor Energy Technology

Lodve Langes gt 2
Box 385
Narvik, Norway