Green Network, Denmark

Green Network is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consulting and competence centre, working to promote CSR among companies in Denmark. Green Network has been working in the field for more than 15 years and has 170 businesses as members.

Private companies and Green Network work together to achieve greater sustainability in the fields of environment, social commitment and occupational health and safety.

More and more of the member companies of Green Network face increased international competition. For these companies, it is an advantage that the name of Green Network is international.

The double meaning of the subtitle "Growing responsibility" makes Green Network's mission even clearer. It is a matter both of the members of Green Network taking on ever more social responsibility and also of Green Network developing more sustainable methods.

Green Network has since 2006 been working with EU projects and at the moment we are partners in six different ones.

The HyTrEc Project will in the Green Network organisation be promoted and enhance innovative hydrogen technologies cross country and connected other EU countries. Green Network is working together with other Hydrogen organisations in Denmark to ensure collaborative development of strategy and initiatives.

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Green Network


Sanne Østergaard Nielsen
Project Manager

VIFIN, Dæmningen 34C, 2.7100, Vejle  Denmark