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Gateshead College is a highly successful Further Education College based in the North East of England. It has gained a reputation as a forerunner in renewable energy training within the UK and has an automotive specialism, which it has been developing since 1984. Last year the College opened its Skills Academy for Sustainable Manufacturing and Innovation to support the development of low carbon industries in the North East of England. Based next to the Nissan plant, it offers a multi-surface two-mile test track and a centre for research, test and evaluation of electric and hydrogen vehicles. The Academy brings together the low carbon and automotive expertise available at the College, North East Universities with local employers and businesses (the college is Nissan's preferred training provider). Gateshead College is Europe's leading facility for training in LCV development and in 2010 launched the UK's first electric vehicle Apprenticeship, in partnership with Smith Electric Vehicles. The College has invested almost £25 million in high quality facilities, kit and equipment to support the development of low carbon vehicles.

Gateshead College has taken part in a number of EU funded projects including:-

  1. SmartCEM a consortium project with 27 partners from across Europe which aims to increase awareness and acceptance of EVs across Europe and facilitate the interoperability between different systems and vehicles.
  2. The Ports are yours (POYO). A North Sea Interreg Project to strengthen knowledge clusters in the field of innovative maintenance techniques. The POYO knowledge transfer partnership explored skills needs, shared best practice, and developed four Centres of Excellence in Innovative Maintenance Techniques.

Gateshead College is the leader of work package 3 and will be responsible for Formation of a new education forum for Hydrogen Training and the development of draft curriculum and example modular training course covering hydrogen safety.

For further information download the poster from Gateshead College on activities in North East England.

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