European Institute for Innovation (EIfI), Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany

The EIfI, short for European Institute for Innovation, was founded as a concept bringing together Universities of Applied Sciences, Municipalities and Innovators.

The INTENTION is to foster information events for study classes and other target groups, R&D plans on IT, consumer protection through projects and campaigns,

public and media relations to promote creativity and innovation and project support and monitoring for EIfI-Partners and projects.

Key COMPETENCE lies with project development in the fields of education and energy efficiency, promotion of innovation and management of participation processes, increasing creativity and spatial development, intercultural moderation, market research, social change and evaluation, and all that incorporating equal opportunities and the innovation power of regions.

The PRACTICAL APPROACHES mainly consist of regional and European projects, being practice oriented, in and with the industry, they work with international students and knowledge transfer for SMEs and broker resources for business, education, research and public authorities.

Key EIfI members regarding the Hy₂TrEc project are the



Chairman Tim Brauckmüller and managing director Stefan Molkentin act in support and co-ordination of the partners' main activities and interests in HyTrEc, concerning

  • Virtual environments and offices / Visualisation
  • Maritime ERP (maritime industry)
  • Transport Solutions / Training and Upskilling
  • Lean Manufacturing/ Services
  • Green & sustainable ICT / Energy from renewable sources
  • Hydrogen as an alternative energy



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